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Battle Arts Professional Wrestling is a platform for the athletes in Battle Arts Academy’s pro wrestling program to perform. There have been monthly shows held in the school’s Don Kolov Arena since it opened in December of 2013.

There were two types of shows; “Rising Stars” and “Battle Arts,” with the latter featuring only matches contested under Battle Arts Rules. Thus meaning victory could only be obtained by TKO or submission; no pin falls. This was an ode to the original BATTLEARTS which existed in Japan from 1995-2011 and was run by Battle Arts Academy’s head instructor, Yuki Ishikawa, who shares his vast, world-class knowledge and experience with his students.

The gym itself was opened by Anthony Carelli, also known as Santino Marella, who trained under Ishikawa in Japan in 2003 & 2004, and thus the gym was named as such.

In May of 2015, the two shows were fused and became Battle Arts Professional Wrestling, which now features some matches contested under Battle Arts Rules, along with several held under familiar North American rules. The style of wrestling at Battle Arts also reflects this fusion, as a more MMA influenced style is presented, many of the wrestlers’ train in several different martial arts disciplines and use that foundmental training in their professional bouts.

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