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Heavyweight & Light Heavyweight

Championship Tournament

Semi-Finals & Finals

February 20, 2016

Buck Gunderson def. Freedom Wallace via submission with a Boston crab.  Prior to this, Freedom fell from the top rope after being struck with a Kendo stick by Smiles, while the referee was distracted by Karou.*


Dustin Quicksilver def. Smiles via pinfall after an electric chair drop.  Smiles was distracted by Freedom Wallace who came to ringside wielding a sword, allowing Quicksilver to get the advantage.


The Latin Lover entered the arena and berated referee Nick Wildey, who then responded with a challenge.  Anthony Carelli entered the ring and made the match official for March 19th, 2016, The Latin Lover vs. Nick Wildey.


Randy Bynoe def. Randy Reign via pinfall after a modified swinging neck breaker.


Ring announcer Bianca explained that Manager Ray Bernardo had been found badly beaten backstage and would not be present at ringside tonight.


Karou def. Mike Dorosti via pinfall after Buck Gunderson hit Mike Dorosti with the ringbell while Smiles distracted the referee.  After the match, Mike Dorosti was carried out of the ring on a stretcher by medical personnel. 


Hornet & Yuki Ishikawa def. The Potato Brothers (Abe’ & Take’) via submission when Yuki Ishikawa applied the Octopus Hold to Abe’.*


Buck Gunderson def. Dustin Quicksilver via submission with a figure four leg lock to become the first-ever Light Heavyweight champion. 


Karou def. Randy Bynoe via submission with The Kurdish Klutch to become the first-ever Heavyweight champion. *


*Battle Arts Rules

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