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July 23, 2016

RESULTS - Battle Arts Professional Wrestling - July 23rd, 2016


D-Man def. Bolo Fung via KO in a Battle Arts Rules match.


Kingdom Come (DJThe Beat Down From B-Town Randy Bynoe) w/ manager Ray Bernardo def. The British Brawler & James Runyan via pinfall. After the match, Kingdom Come was attacked by Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague, who declared themselves to be the #1 tag team.


Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague def. O.G. and G & MC Hardbody via pinfall. Following the match, Kingdom Come returned and chased Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague out of the arena.


Pasquale di Papa addressed the audience and brought Randy Reign to the ring, who revealed that it was him that attacked Ray Bernardo backstage at February's show, months before June 18th's very public attack. Heavyweight Champion Mike Dorosti and Ray Bernardo then entered the ring to confront the pair, but were quickly interrupted by Buck Gunderson & Karou, as The Compound is also vying for Dorosti's title. Anthony Carelli stepped in and made the match for August 27th. The first ever TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Mike Dorosti vs. Randy Reign vs.Karou.


The Franchise def. The Big Kahuna via pinfall.


Nick Wildey entered the arena along with his girlfriend Rachel McNeill. Wildey said he hadn't heard from The Latin Lover since calling him out last month, but that he was past dealing with him and was happy in Mississauga but that one thing was missing. He then got down on one knee, seemingly to propose to Rachel, but The Latin Lover's music hit and he entered the Don Kolov Arena. After a quick verbal spat, Latin Lover's girlfriend Jessica attacked Rachel from behind, and Lover and Jessica beat the pair down. Anthony Carelli stepped in once again, and made another match up for the big August 27th show. In a MIXED TAG TEAM MATCH, it'll be Nick Wildey & Rachel McNeill vs. The Latin Lover & Jessica.


HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - Champion Mike Dorosti w/ manager Ray Bernardo def. The Latin Lover w/ Jessica via pinfall to retain the championship.


Freedom Wallace won a Battle Royale by last eliminating The Beat Down From B-Town Randy Bynoe.


Buck Gunderson w/ Smiles def. T.O. via TKO in a Battle Arts Rules match.


MAIN EVENT - Light Heavyweight Champion Dustin QuickSilver def. Randy Reign via DQ when Reign shoved the referee Nick Wildey away as Reign continually punched Quicksilver. Mike Dorosti ran in to save Quicksilver.


Our next show is Saturday August 27th, 2016 when Battle Arts Professional Wrestling presents SUMMER HEAT. You can also join us on Thursday August 25th as we once again appear live on insauga at Mississauga Celebration Square!! Details to follow!

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