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June 18, 2016


BATTLE ARTS RULES - The British Brawler def. D-Man via submission. 

M.C. Hardbody & O.G. & G def. The Aussies - Robbie "The Lionheart" & Ash "The Pug" Istria via pinfall. 

Pasquale di Papa introduced himself to the audience and revealed to everyone that he now owns the building in which Batte Arts resides. 

"Psycho" Mike Rollins def. Bolo Fung via pinfall. 

James Runyan def. T.O. via pinfall. 

Nick Wildey brought his girlfriend Rachel into the ring and explained to the audience that he was not happy with the what happened after last month's lumberjack match, after which Rachel was knocked from the apron and injured during an altercation with The Latin Lover and his new acquantaince Jessica.  The Latin Lover however was absent from this show.  

Kingdom Come (DJ & Randy Bynoe) def. Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague via pinfall. 

BATTLE ROYALE - Freedom Wallace won the Battle Royale by last eliminating The British Brawler

BATTLE ARTS RULES - Karou def. Timothy Thatcher via TKO. 

Randy Reign entered the ring to seemingly congratulate Mike Dorosti on his title victory, but then attacked the champion and his manager Ray Bernardo, hitting each with his signature Reignmaker.  


LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP - LADDER MATCH - Dustin Quicksilver def. Buck Gunderson to become the NEW Light Heavyweight Champion.  

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