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For the first time ever inside the Don Kolov Arena, there will be a mixed tag team match, not just between two teams each with a man and a woman, but between two couples. The unprecedented match-up takes place on August 27th, 2016 as part of Battle Arts Professional Wrestling’s “Summer Heat,” and it could be the conclusion to what has been a lengthy conflict.

The hatred between the Latin Lover & Nick Wildey dates all the way back to November of this past year, when the Latin Lover took exception to Wildey’s refereeing during a match with Gunns & Goggles. Following the contest, which Lover won after using an illegal low blow which went unseen by Wildey, the Latin Lover forced the referee to repeatedly raise his hand in victory to the point of excess, and Wildey was obviously uncomfortable.

The following month, Wildey was once again assigned to the Latin Lover’s match-up, as he faced off with The Big Kahuna. Much to the surprise of the Latin Lover, the Big Kahuna scored the pinfall victory, and Lover placed the blame on the ref for distracting him and causing the loss. He then began to provoke the referee, and even attempted goading Wildey into slapping him, but Wildey walked away. It wasn’t until January of this year that things got physical between the two.

On the January 16th, 2016 Battle Arts Professional Wrestling show, The Latin Lover squared off with Dustin Quicksilver in the first round of the Light Heavyweight Title Tournament. The referee was of course, Nick Wildey. Several minutes into the contest, The Lover used the ropes to gain extra leverage on a pinfall attempt (an illegal manoeuvre), and was caught in the act. Wildey kicked the Lover’s hand from the rope, allowing Quicksilver to reverse the pin attempt into a pinning hold of his own, and got the victory. A livid Lover once again confronted Wildey following the defeat. This time though, the Latin Lover pushed the referee as far as he could be pushed, and Wildey pushed back, literally sending the Lover across the ring and scurrying to the backstage area.

The following month, a challenge was issued, as Latin Lover asked for a match with the “Zebra Boy” as he called him. Wildey was game for the fight and it was Anthony Carelli himself who stepped in to make it official. He would in fact allow Wildey to compete as a wrestler, much to the delight of the audience who had endearingly erupted into chants of “Let’s Go Zebra!” In March, Nick Wildey would shed the striped shirt, in exchange for the striped tights.

As it turned out, there would be three occasions where the two men fought each other. The first time around, Latin Lover was forced to blatantly low blow Nick Wildey to avoid certain defeat, taking the disqualification loss. This set up a No Disqualification match in April, which Wildey won by count-out as The Latin Lover just decided to leave when he’d had enough. A third match was signed for May, and this time the two would do battle in a lumberjack match. With the ring surrounded and nowhere to run for the Lover, an unsatisfied Wildey looked certain to exact his revenge. In what turned out to be the closing moments of the match, an unknown young woman started yelling at Wildey from outside the ring amidst the lumberjacks, and then jumped onto the apron. This distracted Wildey from his match at hand, and then this mystery woman delivered a slap to Wildey’s face which provided enough of an opening for Latin Lover to secure the victory. Following the shocking turn of events, the plot continued to thicken, as Nick Wildey’s long-time girlfriend Rachel jumped onto the apron, pleading with Nick to leave the ring. An opportunistic Latin Lover then pushed Nick from behind into Rachel, knocking her off of the apron to the floor! Wildey dashed to her aide as a pleased Lover and his new girlfriend Jessica (as it turns out) laughed at their damage done.

On June 18th, 2016 a passionate Nick Wildey challenged The Latin Lover to a match-up July 23rd, furious over the fact that Rachel had been hurt.

Wildey expressed his anger on social media as well, posting “I told this beautiful young lady that I would do whatever it took to protect her; unfortunately my journey into pro wrestling has been filled with more danger than I expected. Due to the pathetic actions of that coward Latin Lover, I let her get injured. My word is everything to me and I promise if it costs me my wrestling and referee career, I will get my revenge.”

Lover was absent when challenged and there was no response. By the time July 23rd rolled around, Wildey explained to the audience that he and Rachel hadn’t heard anything from The Latin Lover and he explained that he was beyond this whole conflict. He expressed how happy he was in life, but said that there was one thing missing. Inevitably, he dropped to one knee and everyone braced themselves for a marriage proposal, but right then and there the Cuban merengue sounds of The Latin Lover’s music blared over the speakers, and the timely antagonist interrupted the big moment. The Latin Lover jumped in the ring and the tension rose quickly as an infuriated Nick and Rachel faced their adversary. Then suddenly, Jessica, as sneaky as could be, attacked Rachel from behind, allowing The Latin Lover to attack a startled Wildey.

The pair stood proudly over the fallen Nick and Rachel, and having seen the atrocious attack, Anthony Carelli once again interjected, making an unprecedented mixed tag team match up for Summer Heat. On August 27th, Nick & Rachel have their chance at retribution and can settle this lover's spat once and for all.

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