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Pasquale di Papa reveals that he is the new landlord.

For the past several months, a mysterious man has made his presence known at Battle Arts Professional Wrestling shows, and it has only recently come to light as to who he really is. At first a very vocal spectator, this man stepped into the ring for the first time on June 18th to reveal that he now owned the building within which Battle Arts Academy resides! Pasquale di Papa even had the paperwork to back up the claim, and Anthony Carelli, proprietor of Battle Arts Academy, must now answer to this supposed landlord!

Anthony Carelli looks over the documents.

As to who Di Papa really is or where he came from, it is unknown. What we do know is that Di Papa has aligned himself with former fan favourite turned not, Randy Reign, arguably Battle Arts Professional Wrestling’s fastest “Rising Star.” The pair is vying for the Battle Arts Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Mike Dorosti. This of course has raised the ire of Dorosti and his manager Ray Bernardo, as Di Papa has shown his ability to make enemies in a hurry.

Di Papa and his idea of a champion, Randy Reign.

August 27th Di Papa will have his opportunity to “get a piece of the action” that he claims he wants, when he supports Randy Reign in his effort to become champion against Mike Dorosti and Karou in a triple threat match Saturday night at Summer Heat.

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