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The tag team of Randy Bynoe & DJ, together known as Kingdom Come, and their relationship with manager Ray Bernardo, can be traced back to November of this past year when the pair made their alliance official as a team under Bernardo’s management. At Summer Heat, they will do battle with Freedom Wallace & his cousin Bradford Montague, a duo whose story can also be traced back to that same date. On that night, November 21st, 2015, Freedom Wallace interrupted Anthony Carelli as he was announcing tournaments for the newly unveiled Light Heavyweight & Heavyweight Championship belts. Freedom angrily proclaimed that both of those belts should be his and went on to challenge Original BATTLARTS founder Yuki Ishikawa to a match in December to prove his meddle. Freedom lost that match, lost in the Light Heavyweight title tournament and lost the following month to an unknown rookie, named only “Harry,” making his debut! It was then in April that Freedom decided to reach out to family for some help, introducing his cousin Bradford Montague to the Battle Arts world, and the pair was successful in tag team action in April & May.

Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague stand tall.

On the other hand, Kingdom Come didn’t find immediate success after forming their alliance. The newly formed duo were on the losing end of a six man tag team match against The Compound in December and both men were entered in the Heavyweight Championship Tournament only to be defeated by eventual champion Karou, as he beat DJ in the first round in January and Randy Bynoe in the finals back on February 20th. However, going into Summer Heat, the pair has not lost a match since. After securing victories in March, April (in a six man tag team match), and May, an inevitable encounter with Freedom Wallace & his cousin Bradford Montague happened on June 18th, and this is where much of the trouble between these two teams began.

Kingdom Come victorious with Ray Bernardo.

After several minutes of what was a grueling fight, it was Kingdom Come that won the first matchup, but it would not be last they would see of Freedom and Montague. The following month on July 23rd, Kingdom Come was celebrating yet another victory when they were suddenly attacked from behind by Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague. After the assault, Wallace and Montague declared themselves to be the number one tag team to the audience in the Don Kolov Arena and directly into the Rogers TV cameras. It didn’t end there.

Freedom and Montague continue to beat on OG & G and MC Hardbody after their match.

Immediately following the attack, Freedom & Montague were victorious in tag team action against O.G. & G & MC Hardbody, but they carried out an unnecessary post-match attack against their befallen opponents. Within moments, DJ & Randy Bynoe rushed to the ring, but Freedom and Montague scurried away before they could be caught in their enemies grasp.

Kingdom Come to the rescue, but they did not get to Freedom and his cousin.

Later that night, a Battle Royal was held, and low and behold, the four remaining participants were DJ, Randy Bynoe, Bradford Montague and Freedom Wallace, a group that was quickly reduced to just Bynoe face-to-face with Freedom. After Freedom delivered a seemingly ineffective forearm smash to Bynoe, The Beat Down from B-Town proceeded to throw Freedom from pillar to post, literally.

Freedom thrown from pillar to post by Randy Bynoe.

Then Bynoe charged towards a reeling Freedom Wallace on the ropes who pulled down the top rope at a critical moment and Bynoe’s momentum carried him over the top rope, giving Freedom his second Battle Royal victory in a row.

Bynoe over the top rope.

Officials quickly hurried Bynoe away from the ringside area to prevent a further altercation as Freedom celebrated victory atop his cousins’ shoulders, a now familiar sight to see. Will Freedom and Montague stand tall this Saturday at Summer Heat, or will they crumble before the power that is Kingdom Come?

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